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November 23, 2017
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January 12, 2018
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Security expert launches cyber training

Scottish business AST Risk Consultancy & Training Services Ltd is to deliver a nationally-accredited training programme designed to help companies combat the threat of cyber crime.

Company founder Alan Stenhouse, who has spent his career advising businesses of all sizes on security, is to run Cyber Stars, the only cyber security awareness programme with an official UK Government-regulated qualification attached. The Cyber Stars programme, which has been designed and developed by cyber security experts, is a one-day course which gives employees the knowledge, awareness and confidence to operate safely and securely.

Those successfully completing the training and follow-on assessment receive the nationally-recognised qualification as well as access to an information portal providing current cyber threat news by sector. For businesses, this provides a solid metric for measuring cyber security awareness and understanding on an ongoing basis notwithstanding the excellent personal development opportunity for employees.

Alan said: “Cyber crime is a major concern for businesses the world over and the Cyber Stars training helps them improve security at all levels of the organisation. “Experience has taught us that the main reason for cyber security breaches is down to the human element, either through lack of awareness or members of staff making mistakes that allow criminals to compromise company data or systems.

“A breach can be disastrous for a company. It can stop them working, damage their reputation and cost them money. “There is also growing evidence that some businesses never recover so it makes sense to ensure that security awareness runs throughout the company. Cyber Stars can do that.”