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Risk Consultancy and Training Services

All businesses need to take risks to achieve their strategic objectives, however the prevailing risk culture combined with the underlying level of colleague risk awareness and capability, can make the business significantly better or worse at managing these risks. Risk culture significantly impacts the capability to take strategic risk decisions and deliver on performance goals.

Equally and notwithstanding the governance requirements surrounding risk training and awareness, it is widely recognised that colleagues are the "weakest link in the chain" in implementing security protocol to protect business assets, so investing time and effort to train whilst also cultivating a risk awareness culture really can only yield benefits for all.

In considering “Tone at the Top”, Governance, Risk Capability and Awareness, does your business advocate the right risk culture to succeed?
Would your Board, Senior Management or colleagues benefit from in-house training to better manage the risks facing your business?

Risk Culture, Training & Awareness

Risk solutions for you

AST Risk Consultancy & Training Services Ltd works with businesses to:

Risk Culture:
• Assess current risk culture against backdrop of organisational culture and behaviours
• Explore identified areas of weakness, potential barriers to resolution and approaches to address
• Define agreed steps and plan to mobilise

Risk Training & Awareness:
Tailored workshops or training programmes in respect of:
• Operational Risk
• Information Security & Cyber
• Business Continuity Management
• Personal Security
• Fraud Prevention