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Risk Consultancy and Training Services

Operational Risk exists in every business regardless of size, complexity or market sector. Put simply, it is the potential risk arising from “day to day operations”, the risk of loss through inadequate or failed internal processes, colleague actions, systems or from external events.

Do you really understand the real risks to the success of your business and if so, what are you doing to manage them?

To what extent are the risks and opportunities considered within decision-making and does your business have the necessary controls in place to safeguard the bottom line, protect your reputation and brand?

Operational Risk Management

Risk Solutions for you

AST Risk Consultancy & Training Services Ltd works with businesses to:

• Identify and assess the operational risks to the business, evaluating potential exposure
• Validate or develop an effective control framework to mitigate loss or customer complaints
• Understand where risk events currently occur and determine an effective approach for process improvement
• Evaluate the effectiveness of current governance and reporting requirements
• Develop risk appetite, policy and procedural requirements
• Integrate risk considerations within decision-making
• Develop a risk awareness culture and improve the risk management capability of colleagues
• Deliver tailored Operational Risk Awareness & Training Programmes