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Risk Consultancy and Training Services

The evolution of the security threat landscape is relentless and the need to understand the risks and potential impact to your business has never been greater. Businesses must be aware of and take steps to preserve:

Confidentiality: protecting sensitive information, critical data or assets (electronic or physical) from unauthorised disclosure or intelligible interception.

Integrity: safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information, critical data or assets.

Availability: ensuring that information, critical data, assets and vital services are available when required

Building robust defences and controls is key, however, absolute prevention from a cyber attack is extremely difficult. In this sense, businesses must also focus attention on defining a clear plan of action to effectively manage the outcomes of an attack ensuring services continue and customer confidence is maintained.

What have you done to understand and manage the Information Security & Cyber threats to your business?

Information Security & Cyber

Risk solutions for you

AST Risk Consultancy & Training Services Ltd works with businesses to:

• Identify business specific sensitive information, critical data and assets
• Understand and analyse the current threat profile
• Review the existing controls surrounding storage, retention and access control
• Evaluate information security governance, policy and procedures
• Assess threat awareness and social engineering resilience
• Define / Build recovery strategies and plans in the event of an incident or compromise (internal or 3rd party Supplier)
• Deliver tailored Information Security & Cyber Awareness, Cyber Stars and Training Programmes